White House Says 3D Guns Are Already Illegal

- Aug 01, 2018-

The Trump administration supports an existing law they say makes it illegal to own or make homemade plastic guns, a White House official said Tuesday, coming hours after President Donald Trump tweeted that the availability of the firearms "doesn't seem to make much sense!"

With the announcement of eight states in the United States on Monday, they are suing the Trump administration for allowing the public to download blueprints for 3D printing guns. The fear of the rise of 3D printing guns has reached its peak.

The Trump administration’s move will give the public access to firearms that can fire real bullets, including the AR-15 semi-automatic assault rifle. Since these guns can be printed at home, they do not have a serial number, and people do not need to undergo background checks. These weapons are virtually untrackable.

By Wednesday, Texas-based Defense Distribution has been able to release blueprints for various guns, including the most common "The Liberator", the AR-15 semi-automatic rifle, the Beretta M9 and other guns.

These weapons print out the components through a 3D printer and then assemble the users themselves. The only metal on the gun is the striker and the bullet itself. According to reports, some plastic guns can avoid the inspection of metal detectors. Each gun is reusable and can fire a different number of bullets, depending on the type of weapon made with the 3D printer.

3D printing guns can also be fatal and can fire hundreds of bullets, but they are not as durable as traditional guns, and many shooting ranges prohibit them.