What Is A 3d Printer

- May 25, 2018-

The 3D printer (3D Printers) abbreviation (3DP) is a magical printer, designed by an inventor named Enrico Dini (Enrico Dini), not only to "print" a complete building, but also to print the shape of any desired object to astronauts in a spacecraft.

But 3D prints out the object's model and cannot print out the function of the object. February 3, 2016, the Chinese Academy of Sciences Fujian material Structure Research Institute of the 3D Printing Engineering technology Research and Development Center Lin Wenxiong Group in China for the first time to break through the continuous printing of three-dimensional object rapid prototyping key technology, and developed a super fast continuous printing of digital projection (DLP) 3D printer. The speed of the 3D printer reached a record of mm/s, in just 6 minutes, from the resin Groove "pull" a height of three-dimensional objects, and the same object using the traditional stereo-curing molding process (SLA) to print it takes about 10 hours, the speed increased by a full 100 times times! 3D printing to realize space industrialization.