Shapeways Launches Three New Acrylate-Based SLA Plastic Materials

- Nov 15, 2019-

Shapeways, the Dutch-founded yet New York-based 3D printing marketplace and service, announced its latest 3D printing materials – three “super tough” acrylate-based SLA Plastic materials.

According to a press release, the materials designed for Stereolithography (SLA) printing will produce dimensionally accurate parts with great surface quality.

The strong and durable photopolymer resins are called Accura 60, Accura Xtreme, and Accura Xtreme 200. If you’re interested in 3D printing durable parts, you can now get an instant quote from Shapeways.

What’s the Difference between the Accura 60, Accura Xtreme, and Accura Xtreme 200?

For the Accura 60, you can expect a clear plastic which will produce durable and rigid 3D printed parts. Shapeways explains that it has similar properties to molded Polycarbonate (PC). This material is useful for creating electronic casings, functional prototypes, fluid-flow visualization models, or lighting components.

Accura Xtreme is a grey plastic which is “ultra-tough.” It is also very durable while being resistant to moisture and thermal. Prints in this material can be highly detailed and will be accurate. Shapeways adds that this material provides similar physical properties to polypropylene and ABS.

Accura Xtreme 200 is a white plastic material. It got its name from being the toughest SLA material available on Shapeways. The company adds that it is great for any projects where durability is the first requirement. Think automotive parts, drill/tap applications, enclosures for consumer electronic components, and master silicone molding.

If you order any of these materials, they are printed using a large format SLA 3D printer. It’s possible to order large parts thanks to a larger build volume. Shapeways adds that ordered prints should be shipped within six to ten working days.