Office Depot Collaborates With 3Doodler To Launch Educational 3D Printing Kit

- Jun 04, 2019-

Office Depot, an American office supplies company, has announced the launch four new education-focused activity kits called Juku in a press release. For one of the kits, Office Depot teamed up with 3Doodler which created a new 3D printing pen to be part of one of the exclusive Juku STEAM kits.

“3Doodler has cultivated a market for handheld 3D printing products that make this exciting new technology accessible for everybody,” said Nicole Lord, a senior director of private brand growth for Office Depot. “This partnership will introduce Office Depot customers to the magic of 3D printing pens and their infinite creative possibilities through Juku.”

As well as the 3D printing Juku kit, Office Depot is also releasing other STEAM kits, such as a Making Music Coding Kit, an LED Light Show Coding Kit, and a Smart Car Bots Kit.

STEAM Juku Kits Coming to an Office Depot Near You

In the 3D printing kit, buyers will find a special version of the 3Doodler printing pen which the company explains is similar to its Create+ pen. Buyers will also find two packs of PLA plastic filament in the activity kit.

“Office Depot’s access to and passion for the education market is something that made a partnership extremely attractive to us,” said 3Doodler CEO Daniel Cowen. “As we strive to inspire and enable everyone to create with the 3Doodler, Office Depot offered a truly unique relationship which we’re excited to build upon in the coming years.”

The 3D printing kit is aimed at users older than 12. If you’re interested in the kits, they’ll launch on the Office Depot website on May 29th. You’ll be able to find them online and in Office Depot and OfficeMax stores.

The kits start at $59.99 but the 3Doodler kit will cost $74.99. If you’re a teacher, you could receive class pack discounts from Office Depot’s Business Solutions Division.