Luxury Resort In Mozambique Will Be 3D Printed With Sand

- Dec 10, 2019-

Nina Flohr, daughter of VistaJet’s founder Thomas Flohr, plans to open the world’s first partially 3D printed luxury resort. It is scheduled to open in Summer 2020.

The Kisawa Sanctuary Resort is situated on the picturesque Benguerra Island. It offers 12 bungalows set across a 300-hectares of private beach, forest and sand dunes of Mozambique. Additional facilities include a gym, yoga and meditation pavilion, tennis court as well as water sports facility.

Having worked as Creative Director of VistaJet, Flohr’s design credentials aren’t in question – but is the technology behind the construction of her hotel? Despite the hype around 3D printed construction, there are few working examples of 3D printed buildings in the world.

When it comes to how 3D printing is used, information so far is sparse. The website states the resort will have 3D printed components made from sand and seawater mortar. The use of sustainable material combined with the reduction of construction waste and emissions make this a theoretically eco-friendly method of building. This patented 3D sand-printing technology was commissioned specially to be combined with traditional Mozambican thatching, carpentry, and textile expertise.

Interestingly Flohr is also using this technology at her nonprofit organization, the Bazaruto Center for Scientific Studies, to print sand coral reefs and marine habitats.