Halle Synagogue Attacker Allegedly Built 3D Printed Gun

- Oct 14, 2019-

The gunman in Halle, Germany who tried to attack a synagogue armed himself with a 3D printed gun, at least according to an 11-page document making the rounds on the net, which security experts say he produced.

All3DP has not seen the document and has not been able to independently verify it.

The alleged shooter killed two people on October 9 after trying to get into a synagogue where worshippers were celebrating Yom Kippur.

The door of the synagogue held firm, so the suspect eventually gave up trying to enter and shot a woman nearby to the synagogue as well as a man in a kebab shop, killing them both.

German media is reporting the weapons listed in the document — two homemade shotguns, a single-shot pistol, a semi-automatic handgun with 3D printed plastic parts and a ‘Luty’ 9-mm submachine gun — appear to be the same ones in the killer’s self-made video.

In the document, Der Spiegel reports, the alleged killer states his goal is to prove the usability of improvised weapons.