FabRx And Remedy Health Receive Innovate UK Grant To 3D Print Medicine

- Mar 01, 2019-

Innovate UK is the British government’s innovation agency. It funds research collaborations to help accelerate their potential. One of the most recent grants from the agency was awarded to Remedy Health, a Katjes Magic Candy Factory spin-off 3D printing tech start-up, and FabRx, the pharma-tech experts.

This collaboration will see the development of personalized 3D printed medicine move from just a dream to a reality by 2020.

Dr. Alvaro Goyanes, Director of Development for FabRx said: “Having pioneered the concept of 3D printing of oral pharmaceutical products, FabRx is delighted to partner with Remedy Health in the development of a unique and truly innovative system specially designed to meet the demanding requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. The system will allow manufacture of bespoke medications with unique properties, better designed to meet the needs of patients.”

Current medicines are limited by the fact that they are only manufactured in a limited number of sizes and strengths. This can lead to inaccurate dosing, especially in children and those who struggle to swallow.

Controlling Dosing with 3D Printed Medicine

The main benefit of 3D printing medicine is that pills will be tailored to the exact needs of the patient. This means batch medicine can be made on demand while also meeting a patient’s requirements.

Dosing will be accurately controlled. The research team even believe that it will be possible in the future to combine medications to make care easier. The hope is that by improving care in this way, patients will see faster recovery times and a higher quality of life.

CEO of Remedy Health and serial entrepreneur Melissa Snover also comments, “We are thrilled to be able to use our patented 3D printing technology to provide an improved experience to medical patients all over the world. Our vision to create personalised medicine will revolutionize the way people take medication and make their treatment more accurate, more efficient and more enjoyable.”

Interestingly, Snover’s experience from working as Managing Director at Katjes Magic Candy Factory, is helping in developing medicines which kids want to take. Encapsulating the medicines is a patented soft vegan gummy gel formula which can change in shape and flavor should encourage children.

The team has high hopes that their work will improve the lives of millions all around the world.