Crazy Food Printing Technology: Customize Your Personalized Burger

- Dec 24, 2018-

If you do not pass the culture of animals, humans can get the protein they need, and they have the taste of animal protein meat. What kind of experience would it be? Professor Oded Shoseyov is working on a project that makes this assumption possible. Unlike the 3D printing company on the market, Professor Oded Shoseyov and his partners have studied the molecular structure of animal proteins so that plant proteins can exhibit the same taste as real meat. Moreover, the process of printing food can also adjust the raw materials, and at the same time add the flavor modulation nozzle, this nozzle can simulate baking, steaming or frying, thus printing out each person's "personalized burger".

More importantly, this technology can also control sterols to enhance the shelf life of food. Normally, a hamburger should be refrigerated after it is released, but by controlling the molecular structure, the hamburger can be stored for a long time at room temperature, which is a disruptive innovation in the whole food delivery field. The current Oded Shoseyov project is still in the laboratory phase and is expected to be commercially available in a year. It is not difficult to imagine that if the technology is to be applied on a large scale in the future, the livestock industry will also be subverted. After all, the amount of carbon dioxide emitted by livestock animals is equivalent to the total amount of carbon dioxide emitted by vehicles and ships around the world.