Can 3D Printing Print Soft Materials?

- Jan 08, 2019-

The earliest manufacturers of soft plastic 3D printing equipment should be Israel, followed by the United States, followed by manufacturers of production equipment in China in the past two years. Devices that can print soft rubber have been introduced. Let's share with you the equipment of these three different countries.

The brand with the highest market share of 3D printing soft rubber should be Israeli equipment, but they have a common point with American equipment. Compared with the material of 3D printing resin, the maximum printing size of 3D printing soft rubber is slightly biased. Small, if not mistaken, the US and Israel equipment currently has a maximum print size of no more than 400mm, and only black and white in color, no other colors to choose from.

Print size is small, but Israel's 3D printing soft plastic equipment has the advantage that it is the most accurate compared to the US and China printing soft plastic equipment. From the theoretical data, they can achieve 0.016mm. Accuracy, but usually we can basically print out the accuracy of the soft glue can be achieved 0.025mm.

China's 3D printing soft plastic equipment, its biggest highlight is that it can print full-color soft rubber in 3D. It is very happy that the equipment of Israel and the United States can not print full color, and the printing size of China's soft plastic equipment will also be Relatively larger, it can be done 500mm, but if you touch it from your personal touch, the precision of the printed rubber produced by China will be slightly worse than that of Israeli and American equipment.

Another inconvenient aspect of 3D printing soft rubber is that the pricing method can't usually be calculated according to weight or volume like 3D printing resin or nylon material. The basic method of printing soft rubber is to require the customer to give the picture to the printing manufacturer. It is calculated in the software of the printing manufacturer's equipment, so it will affect the speed of the quotation. This is very inconvenient.

So when the soft rubber equipment was printed less in the market in the early years, how did it be solved when it encountered the soft rubber hand model? In fact, everyone should know that it is made by means of silicone lamination. Of course, there are still many ways to solve the problem of soft plastic hand on the market. The difference between it and the 3D printing soft rubber is mainly in the hardness.

If the number of soft gels needed to be made in the same batch is relatively large, it is recommended that the method of using silicone rubber film soft rubber may be more affordable, but the disadvantage of silicone film soft rubber is that its precision is relatively soft compared to direct 3D printing. The model of the glue may be even worse, depending on the structure of the hand model, and how many times the silicone film is laminated.