Black Panther Wins Costume Design Oscar With Help From 3D Printing

- Feb 28, 2019-

This year’s Oscar winner for Costume Design went to Ruth Carter for her work on the film Black Panther which was nominated for eight Academy Awards. Carter is the first ever black winner of this award and has made Oscar history.

Some of the most stunning pieces in the film are arguably the mantel and crown worn by the character Queen Ramonda. To create these designs, Carter relied on 3D printing and she enlisted the help of Julia Koerner, an Austrian architect and 3D designer, to create a 3D model.

Carter thanked Koerner in her speech, saying:  “The crown and the pieces she made were elegant, intricate, sleek and absolutely iconic. I am therefore euphoric and grateful for her contribution, she certainly played a leading role.”

As well as the crown and mantel, Koerner, the owner of JK Design, also created a beautiful statement neck piece for Carter to wear during the Oscars to pay homage to the Black Panther. This piece was also 3D printed by Materialise and embellished with Swarovski crystals.

3D Printing Iconic Pieces for Black Panther

Carter was clear on what she wanted the costumes to look like for Black Panther. She required a mixture of aesthetics from traditional African clothing and futuristic technology.

For example, Queen Ramonda’s mantel and crown are a futuristic version of traditional crowns worn by married Zulu women. Koerner began working on the project and spent four months creating a 3D model for the intricate mantel and crown.

Materialise then 3D printed the design using Laser Sintering technology and Polyamide 12 powder to ensure it was sturdy enough to retain its shape. Although this sounds uncomfortable to wear, Koerner is credited with designing the costume so that it was comfortable for actress Angela Bassett to wear.

Koerner explains: “I felt very excited about the Oscar nomination. Black Panther was my first time working on a movie, and it is very rewarding to be a part of this success.”