3D Printing Is An Advanced Technology In The Mainstream Production Of Industrial Production

- Dec 04, 2018-

In terms of consumer electronics, 3D printing technology is mainly embodied in desktop 3D printing. It has been deeply applied in education and creators, and has become an important subject of training education. Industrial applications have become enterprise R&D and personalization. The main means. "At present, efficiency and cost have not been integrated into mass production tempo. After that, as long as materials are popularized and equipment tempo is efficient, it is believed that 3D printing will become an advanced technology in the mainstream production of industrial production."

According to the analysis of Zhongtai Securities, the core value of 3D printing is reflected in two aspects: First, the traditional production methods can not produce personalized, complex and difficult products, can be directly manufactured through 3D printing technology; second, although the traditional way can be manufactured However, the input cost is too high, the cycle is too long, and the 3D printing technology can achieve the purpose of being fast, convenient, shortening the cycle, and reducing the cost.

“3D printing is not the opposite of traditional manufacturing, but the leading common technology of manufacturing innovation.” Lu Bingheng, an expert in China's machinery manufacturing and automation field, also said that in the aerospace industry, 3D printing technology can use material usage from 5% increased to 85%, while the production cycle was compressed from a few months to a few days. “3D printing technology is for the manufacturing industry. The demand for manufacturing is large, and 3D printing technology can certainly grow faster.”