Social evaluation of 3D printing

- May 25, 2018-

3D printing technology is not applied to mass production, so some experts advocate that 3D printing is the third industrial Revolution, this is only a gimmick. Foxconn has been manufacturing iphones for Apple for years. Mr Gou, for example, uses mobile phones, which are printed on the screen, to show that 3D printed products can only be seen as unusable because they cannot be added to electronic components and can not be manufactured for electronic products.

3D Printing Even if not the production of electronic products, but subject to material constraints, can produce a few other products, "even if the production of products, can not be mass production, and a fall on the ground." "3D printing is really more suitable for small scale manufacturing, especially high-end customized products such as auto parts manufacturing." Although the main material or plastic, but the future of metal materials will certainly be used to 3D printing, "Crump said, 3D printing technology has entered the dentist, jewelry, medical industry, the future can be used more widely." At the end of November 2014, 3D printing technology was the best invention of the year in 2014 years by Time magazine. This is a boon to consumers and businesses. In the past year alone, students in 3D had printed a train compartment for physics experiments, and the scientists had 3D printed human organs, and GE had improved its jet engine efficiency with 3D print technology. The US three-dimensional systems company's 3D printer can print candies and musical instruments, and the company's chief executive, Avi Reichenthal, said: "This is indeed a skill of craftsmanship." ”