Revolutionary Significance of 3D Printing Technology

- Dec 10, 2018-

The development prospects of 3D printing technology are so vast and the momentum of development is so strong. How does it affect the existing production relationship and mode? According to the research of social scientist, the popularization and application of 3D_printer has important revolutionary significance, which is mainly embodied in the following three aspects:

1:The profound change of manufacturing technology. The feature of 3D_printing is that it is processed by stacking materials layer by layer, not by removing redundant materials. Therefore, this process is also called "stack manufacturing" or "add manufacturing". This has changed the processing mode of cutting and assembling raw materials, saved material and processing time, and brought profound changes in manufacturing technology.

2:Major leaps in manufacturing technology. 3D_printing technology is a new high-tech technology, which integrates many aspects of technology and knowledge such as CAD/CAM_technology, laser technology, photochemistry and material science. The continuous maturation of 3D_printing technology will promote a great leap including new material technology, intelligent manufacturing technology and stacking manufacturing technology.

3:A "revolution" in manufacturing mode. As a new processing technology, 3D printing will change the large-scale production mode represented by assembly line in the Second Industrial Revolution, make the production of products turn to individualization and customization, and realize the fundamental change of production mode. The popularization and application of 3D_printer will reduce the time for products to be marketed. As long as users simply download design drawings and print them out in a few hours through 3D_printing, they do not need large-scale production lines, a large number of spare parts in stock and a large number of workers.