Limitations of 3D Printing

- May 25, 2018-

Limitations of materials Although high-end industrial printing can be achieved by plastic, some metal or ceramic printing, but can not achieve the printed materials are more expensive and scarce.

In addition, the printer has not reached the level of maturity, can not support the daily life of the various materials exposed to.

Researchers have made some progress on multiple-material printing, but unless the progress is ripe and effective, the material will remain a major obstacle to 3D printing.

The limitations of the machine 3D printing technology has achieved a certain level of reconstruction of the geometry and function of objects, almost any static shape can be printed, but those moving objects and their clarity is difficult to achieve.

This may be a problem for the manufacturer, but the 3D printing technology wants to get into the ordinary family, everyone can print what they want, then the machine's limitations must be resolved.

Intellectual-property concerns In the past few decades, the interest in intellectual property in the music, film and television industries has become more and more. 3D printing technology is also involved in this issue, because many things in the real world will be more widely disseminated. People can copy anything at will, and the number is unlimited. How to make 3D printing laws and regulations to protect intellectual property rights, is also one of the problems we face, otherwise there will be rampant phenomenon.