Development Prospect and Application Field of 3D Printing Technology

- Dec 03, 2018-

3D printing originated in the United States in 1986. Since then, after more than 20 years of development, 3D printing technology has been improving, and sales of 3D printing products and services have been rising. With the popularization of 3D printing technology in the world, the cross-integration of multi-fields will deepen, which will surely lead the global manufacturing industry to transform into a high-tech-intensive direction, promote the formation of relevant industrial chains, and promote the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry.

For China, although it is the largest manufacturing country and the largest population in the world, the 3D printing industry is still in the primary stage of development in China. Some core technologies and materials still depend on imports, and the industrialization level is not high. The scale of China's market is small at present, but the 3D printing industry in China is developing rapidly. It has huge potential and is expected to reach 10 billion market scale in the future.

At present, the global application of 3D printing technology is mainly in the following industries:.

(1) Aerospace industry. Another advantage of parts manufactured by 3D printing is that the parts manufactured can be lighter and help reduce fuel consumption for aircraft. It is more flexible and economical to use 3D printing to make part models than traditional die manufacturing.

(2) Medical industry. Everyone's body structure is different, and it must be completely personalized customization. 3D printing technology can "tailor-made" organs for patients needing organ transplantation without fear of rejection. A kind of

(3) Architectural design industry: In the construction industry, 3D printer has been gradually used to print building models. This method is fast, low cost, environmentally friendly and exquisite.

(4) Military field. For example, China's first fighter J-15, stealth fighter J-20 and other large-scale use of 3D printing technology. The U.S. military has used 3D printing technology to assist the manufacture of missile ignition model, and 3D printing technology has been used to manufacture engine and military satellite parts.