Cycling with 3D Printing

- Sep 10, 2019-

On the heels of last week’s digitally manufactured bike saddle announcement with Specialized, Carbon is getting back in the saddle with another partner: Italy-based fizik. The new partnership is introducing Adaptive, fizik’s first digitally manufactured bike saddle.

Created with DLS 3D printing technology using EPU 41 and designed using the Carbon Lattice Engine, the Adaptive bike saddle is part of fizik’s collaborative cross-disciplinary concepts initiative to integrate advances from industry and academia into its next-generation cycling equipment. Adaptive uses nine years of gathered data from professional cyclists, using pressure mapping to create an optimized seat with better support and “engineered zonal cushioning.” The introduction is a continuation of Carbon’s work to provide engineered solutions to athletes, as is seen now in two bicycle saddles as well as the helmet collaboration with Riddell and the longstanding partnership with adidas and the popular Futurecraft 4D shoes. Next steps with fizik may see athlete-specific bike saddles emerge as the partnership and digital manufacturing progress.

“Digital Light Synthesis unlocks a new era in saddle design and manufacturing, driven by athlete data and agile manufacturing processes. It means we can fully release our creativity — transforming not just what we make, but how we make it, bringing a whole new way of thinking to cycling saddles. Our aim is to provide riders with bespoke performance products tailored to their individual biodynamic data,” Luca Mathia Bertoncello, fizik Brand Director, explains.

Also announced this week during Eurobike is a new partner for AREVO’s 3D printed carbon fiber unibody bike frame. Silicon Valley-based AREVO has partnered with Pilot Distribution Group BV to introduce the new EVE9 bike. AREVO will 3D print the carbon fiber unibody frames for Pilot’s new e-bike line using “True 3D” construction. The strong frames, created in one piece using generative design software, are said to be 100% recyclable – an impressive feat for a composite structure.

“AREVO’s continuous carbon fiber technology is very impressive as it affords numerous design possibilities and provides excellent strength and durability,” said Arno Pieterse from Pilot. “The technology truly is a revolution in composites manufacturing and enables us to offer all the high-performance qualities we envisioned for EVE.”