Construction, medical 3D printing

- Nov 21, 2018-

Medical industry:Since the successful printing of living organs in the United States in 2010, it seems that it is not impossible to print human body directly. It is more similar to cloning technology. The living organs printed by him will not be rejected by patients. He can also print bones, teeth and so on.We can predict that in the future, the development of 3D printers will introduce a new concept of human body implantation in the medical field, so that more patients can see the hope.

Product R&D: We can use 3D printing technology to quickly manufacture hand plate model, which not only retains the original structure characteristics, but also can reduce the proportion, shorten the processing time, reduce production costs, reduce product improvement time, more suitable for product research and development.

Architectural Design: In the construction industry, engineers and designers have begun to use 3D printers to print building models. This method is fast, low-cost, environmentally friendly and exquisite. Fully meet the requirements of the designer, saving a lot of material and time.