Compared with traditional technology, 3D printing technology has advantages

- Dec 12, 2018-

(1)3D printing technology can directly generate parts of any shape from computer graphics data without mechanical processing or any die, which greatly shortens the development cycle of products, and also greatly reduces the cost and risk of new product development. The production line has been abandoned, thus reducing the cost and material waste. Compared with the traditional mechanical processing method, the development cost can be saved more than 10 times.

(2)3D printing technology can completely reproduce the three-dimensional effect of parts and components manufactured by rapid prototyping, completely and truly reproduce the 3D modeling, and truly and accurately complete the modeling without the need for external equipment to repair.

(3)There are many kinds of 3D printing materials, such as resins, plastics, metal or ceramic powder, which can produce shapes that traditional production technology can not produce, such as large thin-walled parts, Qin alloy parts, difficult to process, easy to heat forming and so on. They can meet the mechanical performance requirements of most products.

(4)It has a wide range of manufacturing. In theory, as long as the computer can design the model, the 3D printer can be manufactured. It can be manufactured according to the different processing requirements of individuals or companies to meet the requirements of individuality and diversity, making the manufacturing more flexible.