Basic Workflow of 3D Printing

- Nov 27, 2018-

 (1) Generating three-dimensional model domain by CAD software and modeling in computer by scanning entity with scanner.     

 (2) Output the documents needed for printing, check the documents and correct the errors.

 (3) Layering software is used to select reasonable parameters such as layer thickness and accuracy to obtain data files of two-dimensional slice model.

 (4) Send the print data file to the 3D printer, and the printer will print after receiving the instructions. 

(5)The printer collects printing materials and covers the printing area.

(6)Printer locates printing section and sprays binder to bind powder.

 (7)After the first layer is processed, the forming device decreases by a height, and the material-supplying device rises by a height, which is used to spread the next layer of printing material and make 3D models and supporting materials from bottom to top layer by layer.

 (8) Repeat the above process until the end of the printing process.

 (9)Remove the printed model from the printing bin of the printer, dissolve the supporting material from the forming seat, and post-process the obtained entity.