3D Printing Technology Suits Personalized Customization and Creativity

- Dec 21, 2018-

In recent years, 3D printing technology is gradually entering the field of vision of ordinary people, and gradually become a hot application technology. At present, 3D printing technology has been initially applied to industrial creative product design, film and television animation, leisure tourism cultural product design, digital publishing and other industries. Its universal application will have a greater impact on cultural and creative industries. With the progress of science and technology and the increasing popularity of the Internet, 3D printing technology will increasingly become a tool for DIY production process. All these developments have made almost everyone a designer and manufacturer, and the boundary between manufacturer and consumer will become increasingly blurred. 3D printing gives ordinary people the ability to manufacture, releases the creative impulse of individual users, changes the privilege of inventing and creating in the past, realizes the individualized design thinking and expression needs of ordinary people, and truly achieves the national creativity and creation. 3D printing can make the best use of this group wisdom, and will promote the creative design expression of cultural and creative products to show more diversified, popular and liberalized characteristics. A kind of

Today, with the popularization of the network, ordinary people can easily download the latest designs of designers through various network database model websites, and then make 3D printing. In today's pursuit of individualization, people hope that their own things are different from others and unique. However, due to the limitations of traditional manufacturing industry, products can only be manufactured in large quantities to meet the needs of the market. It is impossible to make every product different unless it is a high-end private customized product. Therefore, this has left a huge potential for the development of 3D printing. People can use 3D printing technology, spread the above knowledge with cheap network, make all kinds of creative ideas they want to meet their needs for personalization. Compared with the traditional manufacturing industry, there are a lot of preparations and production restrictions before production, so the restrictions of 3D printing technology are much smaller. You just need to draw your ideas with software, then import them into the 3D printer, and wait a few hours to get what you need. Whether time cost or money cost is much smaller than the traditional manufacturing industry, it should be emphasized that in order to limit the technical level of 3D printers, the accuracy and quality of their products in the field of cultural creativity is completely without problems.