3D Printing development Prospects

- May 25, 2018-

The advantages of 3D printing were fully applied in the field of biomedicine in 2011, and the concept of direct printing of biological tissue by 3D printing was increasingly respected. More typically, including the OPEN3DP Innovation Group, which announces that 3D printing is successful in the application of the print skeleton organization, the technology for manufacturing human skeletal tissue using 3D printing technology has matured; a team at Harvard Medical School has successfully developed a device that can print biological cells;

A 3D attempt to print human organs is also under study. With the development of 3D printing materials and the innovation of printing technology, 3D printing not only embodies the extraordinary development potential in the traditional manufacturing industry, but also extends its charm to food manufacturing, clothing luxury, film and television media, education and many other fields which are closely related to people's life.