PLA 3D 1.75mm filament 1kg

It has good thermal and anti-solvent properties, high gloss and transparency and good heat resistance.

Product Details

PLA has following advantage:

PLA is biodegradable.

 It has good thermal and anti-solvent properties, high gloss and transparency and good heat resistance. 

Due to its characteristics of slow cooling, high stickiness and ordorless, PLA has now become the most commonly used 3D printing materials.

ABS has following advantage:

ABS engineering plastics has excellent impact strength, good dimensional stability, electrical properties, abrasion and good chemical resistance etc.

 In 3D printing application, ABS is commonly used in industrial grade printing due to its high strengh property.

Flexible has following advantage:

No Bubble,high precision roundness,Good strength and toughness,Good dispersion.

Excellent surface gloss, bright color

PETG has following advantage:

PETG filament has minimal shrinkage and warping. 

PETG filament has good flexible strength than ABS. 

Perfect filament to combine strength and flexibility, which is why it's used in so many mechanical parts or robotics.

PETG filament is super transparent with a glossy finish. 

PETG has great chemical resistance, good acidic and alkalic resistance. 

Superb chemical resistance, acceptable for direct food contact. 

PETG filament is environmentally friendly and recyclable. 

PETG is known for it's transparency and clarity.

PLA 340M +


Company Information

Our company have 6 years 3D printer filament manufacturer.

We make PLA, ABS, TPU, Wood, PETG, UV etc 3D printing filament.

We accept customer OEM and customized order, We can make your own colors, print your logo on the package etc. We have 1kg 3kg and 5kg spool for choices. Free sample for test. Please reply me for more details.