Kid Use 3D Pen Filament Refill

Standardized 1.75mm diameter functions with a wide range of pens

Product Details

Kid use 3D pen filament refill

Product features

1.Thirty meters total of professional quality printing plastic

2.Standardized 1.75mm diameter functions with a wide range of pens

3.Includes blue, green, red, yellow, orange, pink, black, tan, brown and gold

4.Manufactured to tight tolerances for clog and jam free operation

5.Low odor premium virgin ABS material

Brand Nameimlucky
Color20 colors

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1.100% brand new and high quality2.The filament is for 3D printing pen used to melt plastic at a high temperature3.Used to draw 3D objects from the paper to real lifeHigh temperature printing supplies PLA / ABS     

2: high temperature consumables PLA melting temperature of 160-200 ℃ --- biological materials, corn, refined corn, biodegradable, environmentally friendly. Hard, high strength and stiffness. Bright surface, feel crisp, print it is not Alice;

3: high temperature consumables ABS melting temperature of 200-240 ℃ --- high strength, good toughness; low density, high temperature, forming fast, melted and a little pungent odor, suitable for industrial printing;

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black, red, white, blue, sky blue, purple, yellow, green, orange, brown, pink, rose red, fluorescent, gold, silver etc,

IMG20180712155339  800


20 small pieces package in a bag.



About us

Shenzhen Qihang electronics Co ltd has involved in 3d printing field since 2014. manufacturing FDM filaments. We have 70 emplyees in factory, 25 of them are R&D team members. The factory's production has been automated. Our company is extreamly emphasis in new filament and material technoogy development. Our main market is: USA, Europe, Russia, Australia etc. We promise to provide high quality and best serivce to all of our customers.

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