3mm TPU 3d Printer Filament

We wo diameters of 3D printing filament, 1.75 mm and 3.0 mm. Most commercial printers today are designed to work with one diameter filament and not the other. Always check your printer manufacturers specifications to determine which diameter is compatible with your printer.

Product Details

3mm TPU 3d Printer Filament

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Product Description

Material: ABS / PLA / PETG / HIPS / PC / PA / TPE / TPU / WOOD / PVA / copper filling etc 3d printer filaments 

Diameter (size): 1.75mm / 3.0mm / 2.85mm
Color: transparent, black, white, red, yellow, blue, green, orange, purple, pink, gray, gold, silver, luminous and more than 50 kinds of colors
Packing: Net weight 1KG, gross weight around 1.4KG. Vacuum packaging with desiccant. 1KG / box. 12 boxes / carton.
Applicable models: Applicable to desktop level (FDM)  import machine like: Makerbot, Ultimaker, System, Cubex, D-force deltabot etc.

Net Weight1kg /spool
Type3d printer filament

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PLA5kg 10.png

Packaging & Shipping


Packaging & Shipping,inner box + shipping carton,10 box pack in a caton.

PLA5kg.75mm  (2).jpg

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