3D Printer Service PLA 1kg Filament

PLA is an environmentally friendly consumable, and PLA is derived from corn starch and non-fossil fuels. It can be biodegraded by itself under certain composting conditions.

Product Details

3D printer service PLA 1kg filament

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Product Description

Type3d printer filament


PLA  has good air permeability, oxygen permeability and carbon dioxide permeability. It also has the characteristics of odor isolation. Viruses and fungi are easily attached to the surface of biodegradable plastics, so there are doubts about safety and hygiene. However, polylactic acid is the only biodegradable plastics with excellent bacteriostasis and mildew resistance.

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3D printer services

Our factory specializes in providing 3D printing services.

1.Industrial product design .

2. Plastic and metal rapid prototype .

3.Vacuum casting silicone molder and volume production。

4.SLA/SLS Rapid Prototyping.

5.3D scanning and reverse engineering.

6.Injection,engraving molder and production.

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Selection of color

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Payment way

TT,Western Union,Paypal, Trade assurance,Credit card,E-checking, Visa.


One kilogram in a small carton,Ten kilograms packed in a large carton.

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Company Information

Our company have 5 years 3D printer filament manufacturer.

We make PLA, ABS, TPU, Wood, PETG, UV etc 3D printing filament.

We accept customer OEM and customized order, We can make your own colors, print your logo on the package etc. We have 1kg 3kg and 5kg spool for choices. Free sample for test. Please reply me for more details. 

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