3d Printer Filament Ebay ABS

ABS is not smell,not warping.

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3d printer filament ebay ABS


Product Description

Print Temp210-260℃
Print speed40-100/s
Type3d printer filament


The largest applications for ABS resins are automotive, electronics and building materials. The automotive sector includes many components such as automotive dashboards, exterior panels, interior trim panels, steering panels, acoustic panels, door locks, bumpers, and air ducts. In electrical appliances, it is widely used in refrigerators, televisions, washing machines, air conditioners, computers, photocopiers and other electronic appliances.

In terms of building materials, ABS pipe, ABS sanitary ware and ABS decorative board are widely used in building materials industry. In addition, ABS is widely used in the packaging, furniture sports and entertainment products, machinery and instrumentation industries.

3d pla33d05



1.Good comprehensive performance, high impact strength, chemical stability, and good electrical properties;

2.It has good welding property with 372 plexiglass, and is made into two-color plastic parts, and can be chrome-plated and painted;

3.High impact, high heat resistance, flame retardant, enhanced, transparent and other grades;

The fluidity is a little worse than HIPS, better than PMMA, PC, etc., and the flexibility is good;

Suitable for general mechanical parts, wear-resistant parts, transmission parts and telecommunications parts.

hotfilament 3mm  3d 07


fent 3m(2)


Company Information

Our company have 5 years 3D printer filament manufacturer.

We make PLA, ABS, TPU, Wood, PETG, UV etc 3D printing filament.

We accept customer OEM and customized order, We can make your own colors, print your logo on the package etc. We have 1kg 3kg and 5kg spool for choices. Free sample for test. Please reply me for more details.

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