3D PEN 3D Printer Filament 1.75mm

Environmental friendly PLA printing material of starch that extracted from corn, cassava, etc.

Product Details

3D PEN 3D Printer filament 1.75mm

Net Weight1kg /spool

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Colorful 1.75mm dimension filament compatible with most 3D printers and pens, such as for MakerBot, Anet & so on.
Environmental friendly PLA printing material of starch that extracted from corn, cassava, etc.
1kg plastic spool packaged, support automatically feeding.
Printing temperature around 190°C - 220°C.
Best materials for DIY 3D printing lovers.

Directions for use

Printer extrusion head temperature control at 220 ℃ ~ 250 ℃, 60 degrees hot bed heat. When printing to prevent become warped edge daub a PVP glue layer on the platform, increase the underlying platforms in printing adhesive, slightly adjust the cooling fan, make it not to maximize the power operation.

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Quality control

1.Before the mass production,our engineer always do the test to make sure that each batch of new raw materials must be printed by 3D printer.

2.The Laser diameter runs automatically to control the diameter of the filaments and keeps it in a right range of 1.75/3.0mm,1kg/roll,3kg/roll,5kg/roll and our engineer will adjust it immediately when it alarms to indicate of wrong size,and this unqualified filament will be cut off and never use it.


vacuum bag packing + carton box
Parameters : 1KG per roll 



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