Shenzhen Qihang Electronics Co.,Ltd

Shenzhen Qihang electronics Co ltd has involved in 3d printing field since 2014. manufacturing FDM filaments. We have 70 emplyees in factory, 25 of them are R&D team members. The factory's production has been automated. Our company is extreamly emphasis in new filament and material technoogy development. Our main market is: USA, Europe, Russia, Australia etc. We promise to provide high quality and best serivce to all of our customers.

Hot Products

    • 3D Pen DIY 3D Printing Pens

      3D Pen DIY 3D Printing Pens

      Updated 3D printing pen, a great outlet for developing kids' artistic skills, spatial thinking and creative imaginations, but eliminates parents worry of flyblown metope. Besides the new advantages of printing temperature & speed adjustable, it also with LED display for easy view. Perfect gift for your children, you will have a pretty enjoyable time with your children together to create more colorful 3D models!

    • Wood 1.75mm 1kg 3D Printer Filament

      Wood 1.75mm 1kg 3D Printer Filament

      without wood fiber, use mimic wood technique, good wood effect, more wood colors, and it is not blocked when print